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                Home ? Industries? Standard Components


                Our rich tradition of supplying equipment into the manufacturing of appliances, electronics, computers, and LCD televisions has allowed Hirata the opportunity to develop many different standard products. With the demand increasing in these areas, our use of standards including conveyors and robotic technology provides our customers with advantages of lower costs, increased flexibility, and enhanced system life cycle.



                Standard components used include:
                Quick conveyor belts,Roller conveyor, Gantry type robotic systems

                Quick conveyer belts, and Roller conveyer assembly line systems combined into a single manufacturing facility.



                By using friction rollers in the conveyer, the full assembly line (mea-surement devices are included) is made safer for manual or partially automated line jobs such as press-fitting, the attachment of screws, taking measurements, and other manual tasks.


                Our solution to large products with varying delivery times

                This rackless stocker is excellent for products varying in size and quantity. With special software, products can be sorted according to size and shape, allowing for efficient use of space where various products are stored. For example, tires of various sizes can be sorted accordingly and stocked neatly.


                Low costs, smaller stock during process

                With two production lines operating simul-taneously, production management is accom-plished through the use of bar codes. Highspeed servo traversers are used making it possible to reduce the amount of stock required to an absolute minimum during the manufacturing process.

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