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                Home ? About Hirata? Manufacturing


                From a single component to finished production assembly, throughout the manufacturing process, we consistently deliver superior quality and speed.


                平↑田機工自動化設備(上海)有限公司 モノ造り力


                Transfer Device Unit

                Transfer Device Unit

                Lift Unit


                自社保有の製造設備により高品質と短納期を実現 加工設備

                We have large 5-face machining centers, laser processing equipment, and other cutting edge technology to keep you in control all the way from design through production. This allows you to create high quality goods quickly, with production system quality you can be proud of.

                With 3D CAD/CAM, high precision one-step manufacturing is achieved.
                We utilize leading 3D-CAD/CAM systems in machining and sheet metal processing, allowing for “3D creation”. Exploiting this in machining, units can be organized and produced in a simultaneous, unified process, cutting lead-time in half while producing high quality components.

                Large 5-Face Machining Center

                Stands/frames and other large objects can be processed from the sides, back, front, and top in a single step, guaranteeing improved precision and productivity with our 5-face Machining Center.

                Gate width:3100mm
                Supreme RPM:6000rpm

                Laser Processing Equipment

                Our high output laser cutter (4kw) is capable of precisely cutting both very thin and thick sheet metal very rapidly.

                Material Size:1500x3000mm

                3D Measuring Tools

                High precision component measurement is carried out. By using memorized measurement points, measurement is preformed automatically.

                Automatic measurement:800x800x590
                Joystick operation
                Probe ATC system

                Break Press

                Our hydraulic oil sub-press machine is capable of high precision forming of both thin and thick sheet metal.

                Pressurization capability:220ton
                Bending length: 4m
                Angle detection capabilities

                Machining Center

                Machining components are manufactured by cutting.

                Supreme RPM:6000rpm



                1280 square meter factory, fully wired for all kinds of electronics and networking equipment.
                Main goods: all purpose control panels, consoles, switchboards, sequencer boards (automobiles, FPD, electrical household appliances, etc.), steel plating, stainless manufactured control panel capabilities, coating powder, burning coating.

                All undergo quality inspection

                control panels


                平田機工自動化設Ψ 備(上海)有限公司 all right reserved