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                Established in 2006, Hirata Automated Machinery (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. was created as a result of the significant growth in the area of automotive production, FPD related production, and electrical household appliance production throughout the world. In order to provide our customers with a timely, flexible, and low cost solutions, and provide flexible support, we work in conjunction with Shanghai Hirata Mechanical Engineering Co, Ltd. (Established in 1999) in a strategic partnership. Along with the support from our other Hirata locations around the world, we are now able to serve both the domestic and international marketplaces.
                Our facility covers an area of 13,511 square meters. Equipped with laser manufacturing equipment, 5 axis NC machines, powder coating facilities, and other manufacturing processes, we have the ability to provide complete turn-key solutions.


                Standard Components

                Our rich tradition of supplying equipment into the manufacturing of appliances, electronics, computers, and LCD televisions has allowed Hirata the opportunity to develop many different standard products.


                Automotive-related production equipment

                Hirata's processing strengths have been demonstrated in many vehicle related programs virtually in every country around the world.


                Flat Panel Display related equipment

                In the FPD area, Hirata is currently developing photoresist coating equipment “Head Coater” and the “Auto-loader system”, which uses robotics to transfer glass substrate.



                Main goods: all purpose control panels, consoles, switchboards, sequencer boards (automobiles, FPD, electrical household appliances, etc.), steel plating, stainless manufactured control panel capabilities, coating powder, burning coating.




                平田微微一笑機工自動化設備(上海)有限公司 all right reserved