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                Home ? Industries ? Flat Panel Display related equipment


                In the FPD area, Hirata is currently developing photoresist coating equipment “Head Coater” and the “Auto-loader system”, which uses robotics to transfer glass substrate. We have rich experience with large-scale projects, allowing us to help you make a suitable plan for your layout and distribution, according to your vision and requirements.

                平田機工自動化〓設備(上海)有限公司 FPD関連生╱産設備

                第10世代 液晶ガラス基板搬送ロボット CR-J1020CL

                Customized high-speed products are a reality.

                This robot is a transfer machine that allows you to move large-sized (3000mm and above) glass substrate quickly and safely. Focusing on efficient use of space, speed, and accuracy, we can customize this machine to suit our customer's special needs.

                高精度 塗布裝置 ヘッドコーターHCシリーズ

                Low cost photoresist coater, offering resist and energy savings.

                This equipment applies a coating of photoresist to the LCD glass substrate. Using this equipment saves resist and energy, increases display quality and cuts down greatly on running costs. At present, we are putting together a series that can deal with glass substrate sizes from the 3rd generation to 10th generations.

                オートローダーシステム HLDシリーズ

                With compact high speed robots, fast and efficient transfers become reality.

                This system can pick out single glass substrate from stock, transfer them to necessary locations, and return them to their storage cassettes. Savings in space and transfer times are evident. High precision guarantees that robot eject the glass without making contact with container cassettes. We provide systems to cope with any glass from the 3rd to 10th generation.


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