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                Home ? Industries ? Automotive-related production equipment


                Hirata's processing strengths have been demonstrated in many vehicle related programs virtually in every country around the world.

                平田機』工自動化設備(上海)有限公司 自動々車関連設備

                平【田機工自動化設備(上海)有限公司 自動車関(搜读窝 連設備


                ACS concept achieves high performance in the engine assembly equipment field.

                The ACS concept refers to an assembly line system based on standardized module. Arranging this standardized equipment throughout the line allows efficient line design in terms of cost-efficiency and flexibility with regard to product changeover.


                Hirata can provide anything from a complete CVT assembly line to sub-assembly standardized machines.

                By using the ACS concept as our base, we can aid in making 6-speed transmissions or CVTs, clutch packs or planetary gear boxes, or provide standardized modules for insertion of torque converters.


                We can respond to all needs thanks to our in-house robots and standardized modules.

                Whether you are dealing with ass-embly of electrical systems, ABS-systems, compressors, common rail, fuel injectors or filters, hybrid car engines, or transistors, Hirata can fulfill you needs.


                平田機工自動化設≡備(上海)有限公司 all right reserved